Feature requests

  1. Integration to Pabbly

    Please consider making an integration to Pabble Connect Software. Thank you πŸ™



  2. Track the video watch duration

    Track the video watch duration

    #Improvement πŸ‘#Landing Pages #Recording and Editing


  3. Personalization Video, or Text, or the video thumbnail

    Is it possible to and a dynamic personalization to the video, or text . Or in the vΓ­deo thumbnail?

    #Personalisation #Personalisation


  4. SMS Sender

    Being able to send out videos via SMS is a real powerful feature. Email has average 20% open rate whereas SMS gets 80-90% open rate. Here is whats needed: Settings -User needs to set up their long SMS number in Settings. -User needs to buy the 'Add On' for SMS. Or it might be part of a package we sell. Note: Each package or Bolt On will come with a number of SMS or credits. Sending Options -Share Page -Contacts Page -Contact Profile -Inbox -Deals Design Link: https://www.figma.com/file/yEIFim1O42mnGyOHAMK7FV/FIles?node-id=9666%3A4628

    Hammad Akbar


  5. Video Personalization V1.0

    First version of Video Personalisation

    Hammad Akbar


  6. CNAME/Whitelabel

    I'd love to be able to CNAME/white label the generated images to my domain. This would be better for people to recognize the link they're clicking, so they don't see that it's unfamiliar.

    David L
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Agency Account


  7. Landing Page Custom Domain

    User should be able to send videos using their custom domains.

    Hammad Akbar


  8. Vumu mobile App

    Vumu mobile app to be able to record videos on mobile?



  9. Brand Video Logo Lower Thirds

    Please add the ability to brand the videos with our logo and place info like URL, phone and email in the lower thirds.

    Ira R


  10. custom domain for agency owners

    For those of us that bought agency license for unlimited videos, and to be able to do videos for clients. Being able to create a custom domain for our videos, or videos for clients is a must. The minimum must be a one custom domain.



  11. Advance Video CTAs

    Add advance CTAs: Delay option, Change the CTA position (E.g pop it up 3s before the end of the video on the bottom right corner).

    Hammad Akbar
    #Improvement πŸ‘


  12. Google Tag Manage Integration

    Being able to put GTM on a page would give us data on how Vumu works in the sales cycle. Even better would be pushing data to the data layer, such as video length, video start, % watch 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, and completed.

    Rob M
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Integrations πŸ”—


  13. Linkedin Integrations

    If user have 30 new connections on LinkedIn and want to send video to LinkedIn prospects.

    #Integrations #Personalisation


  14. Integration to VBout

    Please consider making an integration to VBout Connect Software. https://www.vbout.com/

    #Integrations #Personalisation


  15. Sub-Account / User access Limit

    Sub-account users must have file and feature access limitations. Let's say, I added a new user to complete one of my tasks but I don't want that he/she can see or access my other file and work which isn't appointed for him/her.

    Arifur R